Other activities

  1. Guide for PhD at the Yenepoya University, Mangalore
  2. Secretary, College Council, University College, Thiruvananthapuram
  3.  Designed cover pages for more than 35 publications
  4. An active participant of the NSS activities in the colleges
  5. Designed the logo for the golden jubilee celebration of
  6. Government College, Kasaragod
  7. Life member of the Kerala Library Association
  8. Maintains the blogwww.sanskritsidhartha.blogspot.com

Sometimes I express my feelings like this


Thick and fast they come,

take what they want with them.

Feel free to float,

get into a shallow slot.

Angel waits with a clout,

with passion no doubt.

She has pearls and pebbles for you,

and a heart beloved for you.

Grab them before she vanishes,

or wait till the dream finishes.

Self realization

Tears those roll down and thick and red

Cherish the solitude destined

Be the foe for light and delight

Nap in the depth of moon light

The drops when fall on you

From the folds of thick clouds

Wake up and see that you are not you. . .!

Dr C. V. Rajan Pillai and Dr A. K. Baradol 
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